Sleeping With AirPods Is This Safe For Me?

Sleeping With AirPods Is This Safe For Me?

What happens when I am Sleeping with Airpods? Is this harmful to me?

This question was raised in my mind when my mother scold me badly when she saw me wearing AirPods while sleeping. According to her, it is harmful to me and may cause cancer.

Therefore, I write this article in which we discuss:

Sleeping With Airpods

If you kept your volume level low, while wearing earbuds, it will not be dangerous. listening to loud music make your brain busy and also increases your heartbeat.

This will affect your health because proper sleeping makes you healthy. According to my research that I will be shared with you that wearing earbuds while sleeping has many advantages and disadvantages as well.

Benefits OfAirpods While Sleeping

As we all know that Airpods is a device which has its importance, and in this pandemic situation where schools and offices become online, increase the value of Airpods,

Many people especially the young generation usually wear Airpods while sleeping.But it benefits us. Here are the points in which we discuss the pros of Airpods or AirPods Pro while sleeping.

  • Noise Cancellation
  • Helps In Relaxation
  • Helps In Learning New New Skills
  • Not Easy To Break

Noise Cancellation

Many people normally live in those areas where there is a lot of noise, especially at night. You will be disturbed when you have to complete your task within your time. Airpods noise isolation was designed for those who want to work freely. Therefore when they are tired and sleeping with Airpod/ Airpods Pro noise canceling didn’t realize to take off their headphone.

Help In Relaxation

When your TV is off or you are tired from your work and want to listen to light music before sleeping without any disturbance falling asleep with Airpod helps in relaxation even it also assist you in sleeping more quickly and fast.

Helps In Learning New Skills

If you want to improve your mental performance, you have to listen to podcasts and audiobooks before sleep. These materials will aid in the development of your cognitive talents. You may add new words to your vocabulary, achieve new concepts, and produce new neural connections in your brain. This approach is used by many people to improve their foreign language skills.

Not Easy To Break

If you are worried that your Airpods will be break while sleeping so don’t be panic. They are extremely long-lasting. They won’t damage if they are slipping off your bed or if you lay on top of them.

Is Airpods Is dangerous for me when I am sleeping?

According to scientific research, our ears will not be blocked for a long time. Unfortunately, wearing AirPods while sleeping will be a high health risk and the following points will easily guide you why our guardians are against wearing Airpods during sleeping.

  • Disturbance In sleeping
  • External noise is blocked by AirPods.
  • Ears Natural Cleansing Processes Disturb.
  • Earing problem.
  • DisComfort 

Disturbance In sleeping

Continuous sleeping for 8 hours is good for health. Our brain is truly active and that is the reason if we hear the light sound during sleeping, our brain provides us the signal to wake up. Sleeping with Airpods disturbs our mind which will directly affect our routine.

External noise is blocked by AirPods.

If I say it is good when you are tired and want to relax that no one disturbs you, but it also is harmful to you. You can’t hear the alarm voice for wakeup, what your kids are doing in your home you can’t know because Airpods noise canceling will totally reduce external sounds that will cause danger for us in sleeping.

Ears Natural Cleansing Processes Disturb

Wax builds up in our ears before being expelled at night. If you keep your AirPods on, though, it will pile up and become stuck there. Cleaning your ears every morning is a simple way to avoid/solve this problem.

Hearing Problem

Continuous wearing of any headphones will fall you an earing problem. If you wake up with a stuffed ear, then you have a bacterial infection. This happens when you put your AirPods On. Using an alcohol-soaked cotton swab, clean your ears helps in releasing ear pains.


If you have a fixed side sleeping position, then it will be dangerous for you to wear AirPods while sleeping because they may press on the inside of your ear due to your position. You feel discomfort all overnight and it also upsets your ear blood flow.

Source: YouTube

5 Steps You Should Follow Before Sleeping with Airpods

If you want to sleep with Airpods, here I suggest for you 5 main steps:

  1. Listening At Low Volume
  2. Fixed Sleeping Position (Stomach Or Back)
  3. Softer Pillow
  4. Cleaning Your Ears
  5. Donot Use While taking a nap

1-Listening At Low Volume:

If you have a routine to listen to music, potcards or any audiobooks then keep your volume down. Reduce in minimum volume helps to hear the external sounds that appear in your surroundings.

2-Fixed Sleeping Position (Stomach Or Back)

Sleep on your stomach or back increases the chances of the AirPods falling out and also prevents them from pressing against your ear, which is irritating.

3-Softer Pillow

If you are a side sleeper, I suggest you get a softer pillow.
The AirPods will be less likely to press on your ear as a result of this.

4-Cleaning Your Ears

If you are continuous wearing the AirPods then you have to clean your ears once a week by washing them which help to remove bacterial infection and release pain.

5-Donot Use While Taking A Nap

I will never suggest you wear Airpods when you are taking a nap. Taking Naps helps you to make your mind and body relax. Wearing AirPods during sleeping will discomfort you and if you take a fixed position, it may cause pain in your ears.

Cancer (a dangerous disease) will be caused due to wearing AirPods while sleeping?

Many people said wearing AirPods while sleeping will cause cancer. Is this true or not. Especially with Apple Airpods.

There is no proof that sleeping with Apple AirPods causes cancer, according to scientific studies. Because the radiation dose and frequency are too low, and the radiation is non-ionizing, regular, long-term usage of Apple AirPods is unlikely to cause cancer.
To use your AirPods safely at night, consider using just one AirPod to reduce your radiation exposure by half – or use the speakerphone option to create distance from the radiation source.


Comfortable and restful sleep is very important in your life. This technology (Airpods) is designed to make your life easier. you can easily complete your daily routine task without any disturbance. But if you take the precautions before sleeping with Airpods, it’s fine. Sleeping with AirPods Pros And cons will also help to decide whether you have to sleep with earbuds or not.
Let a comment below:
what happens when you sleep with Airpods?
Is this article will be helpful to you to make your sleep comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad to sleep with AirPods every night?

The AirPod can obstruct your ear canals if you sleep for more than 7-9 hours every night. This can develop into more serious issues, such as infection, hearing loss, and pain. Make sure you have to clean your ears and remove any extra wax regularly to avoid these problems.

Will sleeping with AirPods break them?

You can only lose the AirPods if they fall off over the night. It’s simple to get them back in the morning. You may either listen to loud music and follow along, or you can use Apple’s pinging technology.

Can sleep with AirPods cause ear infections?

Earbuds and earbud tips aren’t designed to be inserted into the ear canal. The vibrations from the AirPods are too close to the eardrum when worn this way, which might cause earaches, migraines, and contribute to ear infections.

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